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      Provide reliable isolation type, and provide personal safety guarantee for maintenance operators.The system remains safe and reliable under the condition of short circuit fault.
      The most switch units in a single cabinet can be customized according to the site layout of the cabinet, saving space and achieving the optimal power density.
      Provide the most comprehensive two-way intelligent monitoring and data upload, through the intelligent communication network, to achieve a comprehensive distribution system management.
      System-level reliability design of power supply and distribution, providing customized continuous power supply and on-line capacity expansion scheme, to ensure the continuous operation of important loads.
      Modular structure and standardized design, flexible busbar and cabinet and inlet and outlet solutions, to provide users with the most flexible distribution configuration.
      ROHS environmental protection material selection and manufacturing process green, in line with the eu environmental directive requirements.Low impedance material is selected to reduce the contact impedance of nodes and realize lower power consumption of the system.

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      Main high and low voltage power distribution equipment, custom sheet metal processing products

      Jiangmen xindongyuan technology co. LTD

      Jiangmen Xindongyuan Technology Co., Ltd.

      Jiangmen xindongyuan technology co., ltd. was established in 2008 and moved to the new factory site in jianghai district in 2012. It independently develops, produces and sells all kinds of precision metal products, metal materials, electronic devices, electronic materials, battery accessories, electrical products, plastics, cartons, hardware products, etc.Main high and low voltage power distribution equipment, custom products, sheet metal processing products.

      The company is in line with "good faith, win-win, high efficiency, service" business philosophy and "customer first, quality first, standard operation, process perfect" purpose, aggressive, has formed a series of power supply and distribution products, widely used in power, communications, finance, IDC data room and other fields.At the same time, engaged in the installation of system equipment...

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