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      How to Protect Power Distribution Box against Leakage

      2019-03-19 11:15:42

      How can leakage protection be achieved in the operation of distribution boxes? We know that in the use of distribution boxes, leakage protection measures should be taken to avoid accidental leakage caused by electric shock. It can make a sensitive response to leakage events and ensure the safety of operation. Now let's understand the leakage protection in the use of distribution boxes.

      In the family, the general main switch is equipped with leakage protection and the circuit is equipped with leakage protector. The starting point of this method is for safety consideration. Careful people will find that the extra operating current of these circuit breakers is 30mA. When the leakage reaches the operating current, no matter how large or small the open ampere number is, tripping and power off will occur to protect the safety of electrical appliances and people.

      Leakage protection is a kind of safety technology that uses leakage protection equipment to avoid electrical accidents. Leakage protection equipment detects this abnormal current or abnormal voltage signal. Through signal processing, it can promote the action of actuator, and use switchgear to cut off power supply sensitively to implement leakage protection.

      The leakage protection method of distribution box is generally used as leakage protector, commonly known as leakage switch. It is a kind of grounding protection equipment. When the leakage current of circuit or electrical equipment is larger than the set value of equipment, or when people or animals are in danger of electric shock, it can act sensitively, block the power supply at the end of the matter, avoid the expansion of the end of the matter, and ensure the safety of people and equipment.

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