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      How to Reasonably Arrange Distribution Cabinet Circuits

      2019-03-19 11:12:35

      Low-voltage distribution cabinet is used for lighting and power conversion and control of distribution. It is easy to assemble, practical and has strong interruption ability in operation, and how to rationally wiring it when we use it in ordinary times.

      1, site selection

      The location of low-voltage distribution room should be close to the load center. It should be set in the places with less dust, less corrosive medium, fine drying and vibration, and should be left in the place where walking is appropriate.

      2. Placement of Distribution Equipment

      It is necessary to follow the principles of safety, reliability, applicability and economy in the placement of distribution equipment in low-voltage distribution room, and to facilitate the installation, operation, handling, maintenance, experiment and monitoring. It is necessary to leave proper intervals and passages between high-voltage electrical equipment and low-voltage electrical equipment in the same room and between distribution cabinets arranged in rows.

      3. Conditions for the placement of distribution lines

      The characteristics of the site environment; the characteristics of the building; the degree of accessibility between people and wiring; the mechanical and electrical stresses that may occur due to short circuit; other stresses that wiring may suffer during installation or operation and the weight of the conductor.

      4. Distribution line placement should prevent the impact of external environment

      The influence of thermal effect of external heat sources should be prevented; the hazards caused by water intrusion or by entering mass objects should be prevented during operation; the effects caused by external mechanical hazards should be prevented; the effects caused by dust gathering on wiring should be prevented in places where there are many dusts; and the hazards caused by intense solar radiation should be prevented.

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