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      What dust-proof measures do Jiangmen distribution cabinet have?

      2019-03-19 11:13:19

      The power supply system of Jiangmen distribution cabinet plays an important role in the distribution cabinet, mainly in the central control system and management. His safety has always been a relatively common topic, so there have always been many aspects to be noted in the design and application. Today, I will tell you about the importance of dust-proof measures for Jiangmen distribution cabinet.

      1. No matter what type of distribution cabinet, do a good job of handling before using, dust prevention is mainly to avoid the parts inside the equipment will not be contaminated with dust. The principle is that if the parts of the distribution cabinet are all dust, the humidity of the air will make the dust absorb moisture in the air, and then lead to slow corrosion of metal parts, which will affect the operation and life of the distribution cabinet. In the future, there will be no insulation of power components, resulting in risk faults, and even electric shock risk, resulting in unnecessary losses and damage.

      2. On the other hand, in the case of excessive dust and humidity, the electrostatic current will be too high. In this case, it will increase the contact rate and the risk of using distribution cabinet equipment.

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