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      Cautions for Use of Power Distribution Cabinet

      2019-03-19 11:13:58

      Common electrical equipment in daily life are distribution cabinet, distribution box and so on. The use of electrical equipment must be careful and responsible. Otherwise, improper use will lead to major incidents. Here are some matters needing attention in the use of power distribution cabinet.

      In the process of operation, regular skill checks and manual checks should be carried out on the distribution cabinet. If some abnormal reasons such as serious fever of components or loosening of wiring in the cabinet are found, attention should be paid to finding out the causes immediately, eliminating in time and reducing the occurrence of incidents. The cabinet should be kept clean and there should be no accumulation of dust and debris.

      2. Distribution cabinet door within 1.2 meters of the scope can not be accumulated, it must be professional electricians to have the qualifications to disassemble and assemble electrical components in the cabinet, there can be no water around the distribution cabinet, otherwise simply cause leakage, the formation of electric shock.

      3. In the operation of the distribution cabinet, the administrator must strictly follow the operation rules, not exceed the load that the distribution cabinet can bear, and must be rigorous in the operation process.

      When conducting inspection, we must remember to close the gate. In front of the power, people are vulnerable. When doing these things, we must carefully take charge of ourselves and others. We hope that we can read carefully and avoid the occurrence of disasters together.

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