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      What are the grades of Jiangmen distribution cabinet?

      2019-03-19 10:34:26

      When Jiangmen distribution cabinet is used in large power supply system, it will be divided into different levels to facilitate better distribution control.

      Generally speaking, there will be primary, secondary and primary distribution equipment in the power supply system.

      The primary distribution cabinet is the power distribution center of the power supply system, which will be installed in the substation to distribute the electric energy to the secondary distribution cabinet. The function of the primary distribution cabinet requires higher electrical parameters, so the structure of the primary distribution cabinet is more chaotic and the output circuit capacity is larger.

      Secondary distribution cabinet undertakes the first distribution cabinet to distribute electric energy and distributes it to the nearest load. Secondary distribution cabinet is divided into power distribution cabinet and motor control center. The application parts of power distribution cabinet are opposite. Power distribution cabinet is used in parts with few loops and loose loads, while motor control center is used in parts with many loops and concentrated loads.

      The primary distribution cabinet is the lighting distribution cabinet and the power distribution cabinet. Their settings are relatively loose and their capacity is small. They act as the initial load distribution control.

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