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      Which factors cause the fault of Jiangmen distribution cabinet

      2019-03-19 10:35:21

      Distribution cabinets are often used in electrical construction. In daily life, households sometimes assemble cabinets for circuit control. Distribution cabinet (box) consists of power distribution cabinet (box), lighting distribution cabinet (box) and metering cabinet (box), which are the final equipment of distribution system. Distribution cabinet is the general name of motor control center. Below Jiangmen distribution cabinet share those elements will form distribution cabinet fault.

      I. Faults Caused by Environmental Temperature on Low Voltage Electrical Apparatus

      The low voltage electrical apparatus in the distribution box is composed of fuses, communication contactors, residual current action protectors, capacitors and meters. The upper limit of ambient air temperature should not exceed 40 C, the average value of ambient air temperature for 24 hours should not exceed 35 C, and the lower limit of ambient air temperature should not be lower than - 5 C or - 25 C.

      Running outdoors, the transformed distribution box of rural power grid not only generates high temperature by direct sunlight, but also generates heat itself. Therefore, in the midsummer high temperature season, the temperature inside the box will reach more than 60 C, which greatly exceeds the environmental temperature of these electrical rules.

      2. Faults caused by product quality

      At that time, because of the large number of distribution boxes needed and the short construction period, the supply time of low-voltage electrical appliances needed by distribution boxes factories is urgent and large, resulting in the phenomenon that the requirements for product quality are not strict, and some products will have problems shortly after they are put into operation. For example, some types of communication contactors can not operate because the closing coil of the contactor is burnt out shortly after the distribution box is put into operation.

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