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      Is it difficult to make Jiangmen distribution cabinet?

      2019-03-19 10:37:20

      With the development of industrial technology, electrical control system is becoming more and more common in the industrial field. The electric control cabinet is the core component of the electric control system. Whether its planning is reasonable or not is related to the safety of the whole equipment. In order to meet the manufacturing and operation requirements of electrical control equipment, it is necessary to carry out reasonable electrical control process planning.

      1. Understanding the process

      To plan the electric control cabinet, the first step is to understand the process and clear the control logic.

      For example, planning 8100's one-tow multi-control cabinet, the required technology is a frequency converter with a number of pumps. Firstly, the frequency converter starts with the frequency converter of 1 # pump. With the increase of frequency, the pressure of the pipeline increases. When the 1 # pump reaches the maximum frequency, it can not reach the target pressure. The system cuts the 1 # pump into the power frequency operation, and the frequency converter cuts to the 2 # pump, which makes the 2 # pump frequency converter start, and so on.

      2. Planning Selection

      After understanding the process, the next step is the selection of electrical components.

      The electrical components needed for 8100 multi-drag cabinet are air switch, fuse, AC contactor, thermal relay, constant pressure water supply controller, switching power supply, etc. The additional capacities of electrical components and conductors are properly expanded according to the additional current of the pump, such as the additional current of the air switch is 1.5 times of the additional current of the pump.

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